Replastering and Resurfacing

"Cascade Custom Pools Built us the most beautiful pool I could imagine. We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with." - Tom Sawyer

A pool remodel can mean any number of things.  It can mean a simple pool replastering.  (otherwise known as pool resurfacing) or the removing and replacing of your swimming pool tile, coping and plaster to a complete tear out of a pool and spa and redo.

If you are looking at a simple re-plaster or resurfacing, we can help.    We offer the latest and newest plaster options including those made by SGM.  We have offered SGM brand plasters for many years because they offer a variety of plasters with a myriad of colors, textures and warranties.

While we offer any plaster Here are just some of the plaster options:

Standard White Marble Plaster. This basic plaster has a very short life span (6 – 8 years) based on what we’ve seen and all dependent on the pool chemical treatment. 

Pearl Brite Plaster: Features 3 basic colors and a 5-year written warranty.  From our experience, you can expect (with proper pool water chemistry) for this plaster to last anywhere up to 14 years.   


Diamond Brite Plaster: Features 18 colors and a 10-year written warranty.  We’ve seen this beautiful plaster last closer to 18 – 20 years with proper pool chemistry. 

  • -Blue
  • -Super Blue
  • -Tahoe Blue
  • -Midnight Blue
  • -Cool Blue
  • -Onyx
  • -French Gray
  • -Cool Blue
  • -Blue Quartz
  • -Aqua Blue
  • -Marlin Blue
  • -Mojave
  • -Verde
  • -Ivory
  • -Pearl
  • -Classic
  • -Premium White

Dallas Cool Pools-Diamond Brite Pool Plaster Watercolors

Diamond Brite Plaster – Watercolor series: The watercolor series are simply a mixture of the standard Diamond Brite plasters creating unique hues for your pool and spa.

  • -Cobalt
  • -Aegean Sea
  • -Ocean Blue
  • -Steel Blue
  • -Grecian Slate
  • -Bahama breeze
  • -Isla Verde
  • -Tahiti Blue
  • -Turtle Cay
  • -Aquamarine
  • -Cayman
  • -Cool Quartz

Dallas Cool Pools Replaster Colors and Styles

Additionally, we can mix the Diamond Brite colors to develop your own special mix.

Durazzo Plaster: Features one of the smoothest plasters on the market that offers the beautiful colors on a non-sip surface.  Each application is hand buffed by our technicians to ensure the smoothest plaster available while offer a 10-year warranty. 

  • -Ocean Floor
  • -Cerulean Seas
  • -French Gray
  • -Slate
  • -Gulf Blue
  • -Desert Sage

Dallas Cool Pools-Durazzo Plaster

River Rok Plaster: Features 12 beautiful plaster colors with small smooth pebbles for extra beauty and durability.  These bags come premixed and come with a 10-year warranty.  We’ve seen these plasters last an excess of 20 years when water chemistry is properly maintained.

  • -Lucayan Blue
  • -Emerald Black
  • -Calm Seas
  • -Granite
  • -Pebble Beach
  • -Imperial White
  • -Lagoon
  • -Pacific Pearl
  • -Harbor Gray
  • -Blue Opal
  • -Baha Sand
  • -Aspen Mist

Dallas Cool Pools-River Rok Plaster