Swimming Pool Coping

"Cascade Custom Pools Built us the most beautiful pool I could imagine. We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with." - Tom Sawyer

There is a plethora of coping options for your swimming pool. At Dallas Cool Pools, our expert craftsmen and stone masons have experience with all type.

The most popular in the North Texas area is flagstone simply because of the low cost and proximity to rock quarries. Flagstone coping comes in a variety of colors but the overwhelming choice is the Oklahoma Flagstone and the Buckskin Flagstone.

Oklahoma flagstone has lots of variations in the colors which range from tans to rusts to dark browns and even some grays.

The buckskin flagstone consists of mainly tans with less variation in color contrasts.

Regardless of the flagstone choice, the better-quality stone is 2 inches to 2-1/2 inches thick to prevent potential cracking with time. Additionally, our stone masons hand cut each large stone slab to fit precisely much like puzzle pieces around your pool with minimal grout lines. We do this because over time, the grout used between the flagstone will wear out faster than the stone itself.

Flagstone coping also comes in reds, pinks and silver called Colorado, Arizona and Silver Mist. The colors in the stone vary be region.

Another popular option for stone is travertine coping which comes precut into pieces usually in 12×24 inches. Travertine coping come in a variety of thicknesses, edges and shades including classic to noche from areas in Turkey and Mexico such as Torreon and Durango.

Other popular stone coping options include Calico coping, Leuder coping, Slate Coping, China White, Austin Stone, Indian sunset, chestnut brown, Pennsylvania Green, shell stone and many more.

Additionally, coping can come as pre-cast stone made to look like real stone and has excellent durability with minimal care. These are excellent choices for saltwater pools as they can sustain the harsh salt water. These cast coping options also come in a variety of colors including white, gray and tan.

A final option for the manufactured coping is brick. Unlike the red bricks used in the 1980’s, bricks now come in a variety of colors.