Transform Your Pool

"Cascade Custom Pools Built us the most beautiful pool I could imagine. We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with." - Tom Sawyer

Transform Your Pool

Dallas Cool Pools specializes in transforming your old and tired pool into a functional and beautiful space. Have you recently moved into a home with an old pool that doesn’t meet the needs of your family? We are experts in transforming your pool into a beautiful work of art. Our swimming pool updates feature the following.

Tanning Ledge / Sun Shelf

Tanning ledges provide a perfect area in your pool where you can sit and tan or add a lounge chair. Also known as a sun shelf, these shallow areas in your pool also serve as a safe play area for younger children. The beauty of these tanning ledges is that we can retrofit bubblers into them which add a artistic water feature and a fun, interactive area for kids.

Pool Depth Changes

Many of newer pools are being built with more shallow spaces. These pools provide more usable areas for sports, lounging and games. Eliminating the deep end space of your old pool allows for more recreational areas versus crowding everyone on to a small shallow space.

Water Feature Installation

In the process of updating a pool, we are often asked to add raised pool walls and install water features. These features give your pool a focal point plus help to cool off the water temperature during the heat of the summer.

Swimming Pool Beach Entry

Looking for a one-of-a-kind entry into your swimming pool? Allow us to build a beach entry into your existing pool which allows you to go from less than an inch of water to more than 8 inches of water. These entries are completely customizable and allow for a gradual slope into the pool. Beside the unique look, beach entries are wonderful entry and exit space for small or older dogs.

In Pool Bar Stools

In pool bar stools are a fantastic way to allow guests to sit in the pool and dine. If you like to entertain and are looking for seating in your pool with minimal space, bar stools are the right answer for you. Your guests will enjoy sitting in the pool on a sweltering day while having food and drinks served to them from the pools edge.

To learn more on how we can help update your pool, contact us today!